Double Take Special Reserve


Globe's Ride'N Shine

flame point male

GC, RW Teahs Jack Frost
of Globe

blue point

GC Teahs Frosty, DM

blue-eyed white

CH Callyn's Winter-Eyes

GC Teahs Good Golly Miss Molly

GC, RW Teahs Winter Wonderland, DM

blue-cream point

GC De-Miara's Some Like It Hot of Teahs, DM

De-Miara Icee Blue of Teahs, DM

Globe's Mercury

tortie point

GC Everclassic Canada Eh
of Globe

seal point

GC Sandleys Hot Stuff of Everclassic

Sandleys Dimples of Everclassic

CH Jolee's Flower Girl of Yamato

tortie point

Famous Sammy Davis

Jolee's Lilly












GC,DW Double Take Touch My Soul

seal-lynx point female














CH Double Take
Winnie The Pooh

seal point

GC Oakheaven's
Black Russian
of Polonez


GC Oakheaven My Ship Came In

Oakheaven's Mon Ami


GC Double Take
Juicy Fruit

seal lynx point

GC Oakheaven's Black Russian of Polonez



GC Double Take

Forbidden Fruit






GC Double Take Forbidden Fruit

seal-lynx point

Double Take

seal-lynx point

GC Careyata's Commotion of Juky

CH Double Take Snowgoddess

CH Double Take

seal-lynx point

CH Brigantina's Crown line of Polonez

CH Alina's Midnight Laby


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