Present our new Grands CFA
Sweet Angel Irishka of Winz
CFA Show Sept. 8-9 2012, Malaysia
My congratulations Parita & Winz on excellent shows by results little princes!

Good afternoon, dear Friends!

Welcome to the cattery «Sweet Angel»!

My name is Lyudmila and my partner name is Natalya. We live in Krasnoyarsk (Siberia), Russia. Our cattery specializing on the breeding of  Persian and exotic cats. The basic directions in our work and our favourite cats of unique Himalayan coat pattern (including lynx-point) with amazingly beautiful sky-blue eyes.

Our cattery has got the certificates of CFA and TICA. We’ve got the little, healthy and clean cattery. We use for breeding only PKD-negative cats. Our aim is getting healthy, pretty and happy kittens with wonderful, gentle character, of modern kind, having a sweet, doll’s face expression with huge, widely located eyes, small ears and a short, strong body.We apply the lines of the best catteries of the USA, Europe and Russia in our breeding programmes:

Catley Crue, Oakheaven, Sandypaws, Brigantuna, Tomorrow, Larix, Double Take, Sunstream, Alina...


for extremely soft, beautiful and our favourite cats, that live with my family


Vitaliy Oreshkin cattery «Double Take» CFA

Sklyarova Svetlana cattery «Larix» CFA

Naumova Olga cattery «Klaferri» WCF

Olga Shirokova cattery «Aisalin» CFA, FIFE

From time to time we sell our cats. Please, don’t be afraid to write me E-mail, I will answer your questions  about my cattery and our kitten witch great pleasure. Find some minutes and leave your impressionsin our Guestbook. We will be glad to read your remarks!

Please, introduce yourself, I don’t answer nameless letters!

With best regards Lyudmila and Natalya!

+7 902 924 16 24


Great thanks to our web-master Elena Tsinker cattery «CAT`STUDIO» for effective design of our Web-site!




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